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Welcome to SmashVR — an exciting new take on Virtual Reality.  Our use of creative storytelling and custom fabricated equipment has allowed us to push the boundaries of VR. In the past our projects have taken us hurtling through national parks on supercars, the surface of moon, and a dystopian future — who knows where we’ll end up next.

In Disarray YT

In Disarray

Jacob, the troubled protagonist of In Dissaray, is not just having a bad day — he’s having many. This SmashVR short film allows us to explore a fragmented mind, and try to find the source this inner turmoil.



Bulletproof was looking for VR content of their 2016 conference, and SmashVR was there to deliver. Not satisfied with existing camera options, SmashVR developed our own platform for capturing exceptional detail and incredible dynamic range.


Ferrari Club of America

What’s better than driving along on a Ferrari? How about driving through a national park on a Ferrari? For this video, we get to ride along atop a Ferrari FF during a private Yosemite National Park tour hosted by the Ferrari Club of America.


Original Content

SmashVR first entered the realm of VR with an original film that questions the nature of VR. The Storytelling Continuum brings the audience into a ‘reality within a reality’, wherein the timeline of how stories are told is updated to include the latest medium: Virtual Reality.



360fly recently contracted SmashVR to create a series of short videos showcasing their latest 4k Virtual Reality camera and it’s capabilities. This is the first video in that series, showing the truth behind the moon landing.



Smash Media recently had the pleasure of creating promotional content for 360fly. This project took us to such exotic locales as the moon, a haunted house, and a rest-home.

Featured collaborators:

We are always looking for fun new projects to collaborate on, and we’d love to hear from you — contact us at